SP turns into Oxygen man, saves several lives

Amid the corona pandemic the headlines reaching to you are all about horrible conditions of hospitals. News of Remedesivir shortage or oxygen crisis are speeding like fire. But here is news that will surely polish the image of police among the commoners.

SP Gwalior Madhya Pradesh haa set an example of good administration by managing oxygen to the patients who were at the verge of mishappenjng. As it is common thar oxygen is in great demand and supply is a big challange fue to over demand. Even in Gwalior there was shortage of oxygen at the midnight of Friday. Thoug the tankers carrying oxygen were on the way towards Gwalior. But the challange was that that the oxygen left in the city was enough for only next two hours and tankers might take too long time to reach Gwalior.

SP Gwalior took the quick decision and directed his all subordinates to collect all oxygen cylinders from welders shops from every corner of the city. The oxygen cylinders at various welding shops were in hundrrds and it was sufficient to supply oxygen till the arrival of oxygen tankers. Though the task was not easy but under the finesse supervision of SP Amit Sanghi Gwalior Police made it possible in due time.

SP Amit Sanghi has not only saved the lives of many but also improved the image of police in society. The Gwaliorites will remember him for his excellent administrative skills and benevolence.




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