King of spices is no more at 98, month back defeated covid19

Mahashay’ Dharampal Gulati, the owner of MDH, passed away today at the age of 98. He was s tanga wala then turned into a successful businessman. he was undergoing treatment at Chanan Devi Hospital for the past few weeks and suffered a cardiac arrest on Thursday morning.

Gulati was India’s highest-paid consumer products CEO for the year 2017. That year, he had taken home over Rs 21 crore as salary, outearning celebrity honchos like Adi Godrej and Vivek Gambhir of Godrej Consumer, Sanjiv Mehta of Hindustan Unilever and YC Deveshwar of ITC.

“My motivation to work is being sincere in product quality sold at affordable prices. And nearly 90% of my salary goes to charity in my personal capacity,” the second-generation entrepreneur who joined MDH over six decades ago had once told.

Gulati, who was also called Dadaji, was a fifth grade school dropout. He was known for diligently making daily rounds of factories, markets and dealers including on Sundays until he was satisfied everything was in order

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