93% shockingly aware about just seven career options out of 250

Are you looking for a career for yourself? Did you know there is around 250 career option that you can pursue in the country but most of the people are just aware of 7? Maximum parents and students blindly chase their traditional dream as career options. World is changing so are the career options. But In india mostly parents and students don’t want to think out of the box.

A recent survey by Mindler, an online career-counselling platform, has proved that majority of the students in the country are aware of just seven career paths, even though there are around 250 career options that can be pursued in India — most new and in-demand. These 250 careers include some quirky, out of the box careers that will help you pursue your hobbies as your career. This way you can work without feeling the pressure of the demanding industry.


“The responses collected in the survey showed that a staggering 93% of the students who participated in the survey were aware of just seven career options — law, engineering, medicine, accounts and finance, design, computer applications and IT, and management.”

The survey on the awareness of career options was conducted among 10,000 Indian students as participants. The age group of the survey ranged from 14 to 21-year-olds who hailed from all over India.

Just remember the commercial of mutual fund where a mother was concern about the safety of her son from injury occurred on fast ball. Sachin Tendulkar then explained that risk is everywhere. Mother says ” mutual fund me unhe hi invest karna chahiye jinme risk lene ki himmat ho.”. Same here, take the risk of choosing beyond seven career option and explorer the unexplored fields.


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