man stealing a bottle of sanitiser

Man steals Sanitiser from ATM kiosk & CCTV footage goes viral

The entire episode of a theft of sanitiser was caught on camera as CCTV footage of the incident swiftly went viral on Twitter.

“These are kleptomaniacs,” Dipanshu Kabra said in his post, with the hashtag,

IPS  Dipanshu Kabra posted CCTV footage on Twitter that showed a man stealing a bottle of sanitiser from an ATM kiosk and the internet is absolutely enraged about it. The 33-second clip has gone viral on social media and has got thousands of view so far.

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Career options after 12th

As seen in the clip, the man collected his card after withdrawing cash from the machine. As he turned to exit, he spotted the bottle of sanitiser on the stand beside the machine. He took the bottle, put it inside his bag and left.

The post is getting flood of comments on social media. Social media users are watching the video and sharing angry comments on Dipanshu Kabra’s post. Netizens condemned the incident with several asking the concerned bank to take action against the man for his act.

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