Oxygen Concentrators Lying With Customs, HC Demands Details

The news can shock you on seeing the unwanted rules and regulation during the pandemic Covid19. Many deaths have been recorded across the country due to Oxygen shortage. in spite of the fact the Oxygen concentrators imported are lying with Customs. Now New Delhi High Court has intervened to solve the issue. On a rare sitting, the High Court had ordered that the national capital must receive its full quota of medical oxygen that day “by whatever means”.

New Delhi High Court has asked the Centre to provide details of oxygen concentrators that are lying with the customs department pending clearance, by 3 pm today. Amid the terrible oxygen crisis in Delhi, triggered by the savage second wave of coronavirus, oxygen concentrators are hugely sought after medical equipment by hospitals running short of oxygen and patients on home isolation.

Nearly 40 deaths across several hospitals of New Delhi have been put down to the shortage. Twelve people died at the Batra hospital on Saturday when oxygen ground to a halt for 80 minutes. One of the patients was a doctor. Twenty-five people had died last week. With the demand for oxygen concentrators shooting up, it has been part of the medical aid sent by several nations, including the US and the UK. The Centre has also allowed the import of oxygen concentrators — a device that filters out other gases from ambient air and channels pure oxygen — for personal use.


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