India’s vaccine drive hit by shortage left public in chaos

When India launched its Covid-19 vaccination drive in mid-January, the chances of success looked high seeing the big talk of Modi government. As the new announcement made for the vaccination for all citizens above 18 years of age. The public was in great hope of getting out of the pandemic Covid19 soon. But as per the recent media report there is shortage of vaccine and from last couple of days the vaccination programme for even 45+ has been suspened. Now people are wandering for vaccination but no specific information is shared to the people.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Jan. 22, “Our preparation has been such that vaccine is fast reaching every corner of the country. On the world’s biggest need today, we are completely self-reliant. Not just that, India is also helping out many countries with vaccines.”

Just over three months later, that initial promise has shattered and the government’s plans are in disarray. India has fully vaccinated less than 2% of its 1.3 billion-strong population, inoculation centers across the country say they’re running short of doses and exports have all but stopped. Rather than building protection, the nation is setting daily records for new infections as a second wave overwhelms hospitals and crematoriums.

Modi government says the new rules make “pricing, procurement, eligibility and administration of vaccines open and flexible.” Health experts and officials in opposition-controlled states say the plan passes the buck to state governments rather than addressing the pandemic directly. Widening the rollout of shots is also questionable when India is running low on stocks, with developers like Serum Institute of India Ltd. saying the U.S. has been hoarding ingredients and new supplies could potentially be months away.

Amid all such media report people have no alternative but to wait. But a big question now is how India can ramp up supply to provide vaccines to another 600 million people. Shortages are already apparent in the current program of giving shots to those aged 45 and over, causing vaccination rates to steadily dip across the country even as more then 10 million registered for doses in when the drive opened.


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