India’s Covid crisis; Who is accountable for secondwave of Coronavirus! Infodemic

Corona pandemic is speeding it is a pandemic so it spreads, But what ese is spreading in rapid speed that is a serious reason of concern. Before knowing that here is a short detail on present situation of Covid19.

It is a special edition on India’s unfolding coronavirus crisis. More than a million and a half cases in just a week, and thousands of deaths, every day. India is overwhelmed. Crematoriums are working overtime, hospitals can’t take in more patients and medical supplies are running low. How did it come to this and will things get worse, before they get better? The deadly chaos of the second wave of coronavirus infections is in stark contrast to the first. Last year, India dealt with that by imposing what was called the world’s strictest lockdown. India’s streets fell empty and coronavirus case counts dropped eventually, seemingly contrary to warnings about the danger India faced. Even before the coronavirus spread around the world, epidemiologists warned that India could see the worst of it. Some of the most crowded cities on earth coupled with an ailing healthcare system foreshadowed disaster.

But People are speeding false messages about Covid19 and other related things people are increasing the trouble of needy by forwarding and speeding wrong information this wrong information is Infodemic, this Infodemic spreads so fast. Purpose of this video is to aware people for bad effects of wrong information. unknowingly you increase trouble of someone by sending a wrong information to him.

Many of such message may be false and sent by cyber cheat. Many miscreant also spread baseless messages. These viral messages if you forward, only increase problem. So without verification please do not forward any message.


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