WhatsApp on back foot, roll out its policy y three months

Facebook-owned WhatsApp said it has postponned the policy roll out by three months to May 15. It is result of severe backlash over the latest update to its privacy policy.

We’ve heard from so many people how much confusion there is around our recent update. There’s been a lot of misinformation causing concern and we want to help everyone understand our principles and the facts,”

WhatsApp, for whom India is among the biggest markets with over 400 million users, said, “We’re now moving back the date on which people will be asked to review and accept the terms. No one will have their account suspended or deleted on February 8.” In last couple of days many of its users shifted on other massaging platforms like telegram. It forced whatsApp to roll back its decision.

The company said it will also do a lot more to clear up the misinformation around how privacy and security works on WhatsApp and “we’ll then go to people gradually to review the policy at their own pace before new business options are available on May 15”.

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