Glorious 10 days of Golden victory torch in Gwalior

Gwalior: India is celebrating the 50th year of victory in 1971 Indo Pak war as Golden victory year. Indian soldiers show great valour and courage in the war to defeat Pakistan. To make the event memorable and to connect it to the citizens of India, four torch have been moving in four different direction. One of the victory torch arrived at MORAR contonment on 23rd December 2020 and later moved ahead to Bhopal on 2nd January 2021 after a glorious ten days memorable halt in Gwalior.
The arrival of the victory torch in Gwalior and being here for ten days was a remarkable event for the Gwalior Chambal region, as thousands of youth from here are the part of Indian Army. And many of them have sacrificed their lives. The March of victory torch from MOROR cant to Gwalior fort and return to MORAR cant moved from all major market and rotaries of the city, where thousands of  Gwaliorites got the opportunity to watch the victory torch and gratuite to Indian army.
Various activities were organised during these ten days apart from victory torch march. To hone patriotism and inhance grstitude for army, Nukkad natak were held at Gopachal hill, DB mall and other places. Where Gwaliorites witnessed the glorious moment. The event got huge application from citizens.
A mini Marathon was also held on 30th December. NCC cadets and school children participated in the run. The joy and enthudiasm was remarkable on the face of numbers being the part of glorious golden victory year.
Border was one of the bollywood movie that has presented battle of longewala. Where Indian soldiers defeated Pakistan. Many such battle were fought on various frontiers and many soldiers sacrificed their lives Battle of Basantar and battle if Chik Amru were few of notable battle. A documentary film on 1971 Indo Pak war was shown at Baaz Auditorium. All officers of MORAR contonmemt witnessed the glorious victory of Indo Pak war watching the film.
The 1971 Indo Pak war was was an infos story of many true don of Mother land( Bharat Mata). The name of them, you might not know. The purpose was those soldiers was just to serve the mother land by sacrificing their life. Undoubtedly they deserve great gratuite and revere. And surely Gwalior has given that in these ten days. But here the same revere and gratitude must be given to all the officers of MORAR contonment for their afforts and arrengemt for Victory torch. They all are patriot in true sense. They are really serving nation without even revealing their name. On behalf of all Gwaliorites I express special thanks to each and every member of the team who make the Victory torch a memorable event.

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