Controversy queen Kangana paves the way to politics

Public is enjoying one of the incident now a days. The more interest public shows the better is chances of Kangana to be a choice of people, not on silver screen but on political platform.

The incident was not associated with Kangana. She is one out of many who shared their views in favour or against Rhea chokeberry. But Kangana got undue notice on her statement. The reason is only one. She spoke what public likes. Public in a large ration has nothing to do with facts. They generally love to listen gossip and controversial statements.

The way Kangana addresses people is very diplomatic. She always claim to belong to a lower middle class family. In that way she touches the maximum population. Y category security is another milestone achievement and is being talked much in public. There are thousand of women in india facing security challenge but they are not as lucky, as glamorous and as controversial as Kangana is. Even goverment never bother too much about that. But political parties are seeing future in Kangana. And even Kangana will be a member of any political party in coming time.

But what is going on is just because of interest of public. If public stop taking interest such  incident will not be on national media. And there will be a sigh to media as well, to talk on real social issue. But it is all about choose of public.

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