Metro in Bhopal and Indore to be completed before August 2023


Bhopal: Set a target to start Bhopal and Indore Metro Rail before the deadline of August 2023. Decide time limit of all works and act accordingly. These instructions were given by the Minister for Urban Development and Housing Bhupendra Singh during a review of works of Metro Rail. Shri Singh has said that the Principal Secretary should monitor it personally, so that all the works could be completed within the stipulated time.

Information as regard to works of Bhopal and Indore Metro Rail was given through presentation in the meeting. The work to construct pillars from AIIMS has been started for the Bhopal Metro project. So far, 80 pillars have already been constructed. The total project cost of Bhopal Metro Rail is Rs. 6 thousand 941 crore and the total project cost of Indore Metro Rail is Rs. 7 thousand 580 crore.

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