Its too late; Congress inclining towards Hinduism supporting Shila pujan of lord Ram temple

Finally the day has come and construction of temple of lord Ram started. All political parties have alleged BJP for benefitting Lord Ram for political interest and there will be no end of the issue. Now the temple is being built but the political debate is still on and has come out with a new colour. Now Congress is keen to show it’s faith in lord Ram. Many senior congress leaders have given statement in favour of temple of lord Ram. Priyanka Gandhi called the shila pujan an occasion of national unity, fraternity and cultural congregation.


It is the beginning of new political debate. Who belongs to Ram and to whom Ram belong? Pioneer leader of Ram temple movement Uma Bharti’s statement must be welcomed here. She said that Ram is immortal not we. No one should have a doubt to own lord Ram. Any body who has faith in Ram, shall come to join the occasion.

But the big question here is that why congress is moving towards Ram now? What political planning they have set now? Is it a journey from Rome to Ram? In a secular country each citizen has right to exercise his faith freely. So if any congress person has faith, it’s normal. Former CM of Madhya Pradesh Kamal nath ordered all congress members to perform Hanuman chalisa in their home and he is donating silver bricks as a contribution in construction of the temple.

The Congress party’s visible embrace of the Ram Mandir ceremony, however, is also an attempt to politically counter the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that stands to gain in the Hindi-belt States like U.P., M.P., Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Bihar. But seems it is too late. Congress should have kept the issue in its hold since Rajeev Gandhi orders to unlock the door of the temple in 1986 and allowed the Shilanyas of temple in 1989. Now Rajdeep Surjewala, Manish Tiwari, CM Bhupesh Baghel are welcoming the shila pujan and temple of lord Ram.

It will not be an easy journey for congress to be a follower of Ram. What Congress has bowed in past has grown its anti hindu image in the mind of many Indians. They have obviously been focusing on minorities always. Ironically congress had questioned on the existence of lord Ram quoting him imaginary. In last few decades, whenever BJP started any campaign for Ram temple, Congress started opposing it. And the same hurt the sentiments of crores of Hindus living in India and out side if India as well.

Congress knew that demolition of Babri Masjid was a big loss in terms of votes. BJP succeeded to gain Hindu voters and Muslim voters slipped towards Samajwadi Party after the historical incident of the demolition. Now Congress is saying that lord Ram belongs to all. And it is undoubted fact that Ram belongs to all. But it has been written in History that Congress does not belong to Ram and has never supported any event in favour of the temple. It seems that it is too late to support the existence of lord Ram now. It is not going to offer any political benifit to Congress. The matter of Ram temple is over, now Congress must take in its hand other matter of hinduism like Kashi or Mathura.


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