ADJ’s girl friend Sandhya poisoned to kill the whole family

Bhopal: After the death of Additional District Judge (ADJ) Mahendra Tripathi and his son Abhinav Raj, posted in the District Court in Betul, Madhya Pradesh, the Betul police made a sensational disclosure of the incident within just five days. ADJ’s girl friend Sandhya was main accused behind the conspiracy and murder of the two.

Betul Police has arrested six people including Sandhya Singh, ADJ’s girl friend in this case. The woman had allegedly given poisonous flour to the ADJ, and one of his sons died after eating roti. It is feared that Cobra poison was found in flour.

Exposing secrets in this case of murder, Superintendent of Police Simala Prasad said that this woman had given poison to ADJ to mix flour in his house. Police have arrested 6 accused, including Tantrik Devi Lal, involved in this incident. Which includes a young man.

It was told that the accused female friend had given such a flour, which was already mixed with poison, with the help of tantra-mantra to improve discord and affliction in the family of ADJ. There is a possibility that cobra snake venom was added to the flour. But the police say that it will be revealed only after the report of the sample of flour.

Explaining the reason for the incident, the Superintendent of Police has said that Sandhya Singh hatched a conspiracy to murder due to a dispute over money transactions between the ADJ and the woman. Her purpose was to kill the whole family. But ADJ’s wife saved herself by eating rice instead of roti.  Police has revealed that the lady friend Sandhya Betul had arrived two days before the incident. He stopped ADJ’s vehicle in front of the circuit house and gave him the purported flour. After this, on July 20, after eating the same rotis made of flour, ADJ Mahendra Tripathi, his elder son Abhinav Raj Tripathi and younger son Ashish Tripathi were deteriorated.

Younger son Ashish the survival knew about the flour and he is the only one who disclosed the facts about Sandhya and as a result Police reached to the culprit.

Picture : innocent faced Sandhya with a shrewd brain hidden

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