Illegal money collection at RTO check post is in headlines

Gwalior: Transport department has been talk of the town for couple of days.  Recently it has come in headlines again for many controversial issues. Many news papers are regularly disclosing the irregularities of the department. But the people behind such dark act are brazen and it seems that they have no impact of such headlines. This is justifying the old saying chip of the same block.

The daily news paper Rajdhani Media has put serious allegation on RTI Laltaram Sonwani of Motinala check post demanding strict action against him. RTO check post of Madhya Pradesh have been infamous for illegal money collection by the cutter. These cutter are appointed by RTI of the certain check post. Illegally money is collected from trucks and other vehiclesthrough these cutters of private persons. The Rajdhani media has challenged the senior most officers of Transport department  to ask for proof and take strict action. If The news publish in Rajdhani Media is a fact, strict action must be taken against culprit.

The allegation are of high degree of seriousness. And it is raising many questions-

Why action is not taken against these corrupt RTIs?

Why action is not taken against these RTIs by senior officers?

Bottom to top are all chip of same block?

Questions are obvious and now it is in the hands of senior officers of transport department to put a full stop on such controversies.

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