Transport department means all Dalal no employee

Gwalior: There is nothing to be shocked seeing above news. Dalal system in transport department is as common as salt in food. For each work involvement of any Dalal is certain.

Recently daily news paper Swadesh has raised the issue by publishing the news. The news paper has many sensitive issue. This is not the first time , even earlier media has raised the issue.

But this is one of the brazen department. Nothing changes inspire of many disclosure in media. Recently the viral video of former transport commissioner Madhukumar is an clear example of corruption. From TC to peon all are directly or indirectly feeling the dalal system in department. These dalal sit in office to operate each office of the department instead of employees.

Now all eyes are on newly appointed TC Mukesh kumar Jain. Lets see what changes he is capable to make in his department.

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