Aapda Prahari app to strengthen relief work and control disaster

Lucknow: Yogi Adityanath launched an integrated early warning system “Aapda Prahari App”. This web based App would also help in strengthening relief network. It will minimise number of death due to lightening and other natural calamities.
CM said that many of those deaths cold be controlled, if government took recourse to technology earlier, using the weather information available. And the people can be warned against inclement weather beforehand.
The Apda Prahari app will be used by the relief commissioner office. It will connect directly to farmers. Using a citizen login a farmer will be able to  get immediate information about a disaster. The online flood management work module will container information pertaining to relief work during flood. It will identity flood check, relief camps, disaster management control room etc.
Using this app people will be able to get information of nearest relief camp, relief office and other facilities provided by government.


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