Webinar Series by NTAI on Nursing Theories & its applications

Gwalior: he Nursing Teachers Association,India is organizing “15 Hours” webinar series related to Nursing Theories, “Nursing Theories & their Applications”
From 25th July 2020 to 9th August 2020 exploring by Fifteen Experts in the field of Nursing.
National president *Prof.Dr.Farukh khan* describe the need of applying nursing theories in present scenario,to enhance the knowledge regarding nursing theories and their application in clinical areas,research areas there is long term webinar series from 25th July 2020 to 9th August 2020 by various experts across the country.NTAI wishes that most of the nursing professional as well as students will be benefited through this webinar.

General secretary of NTAI *Prof.Maneesh kumar* told that “we believe that Nursing must go on it should not stop whatever the circumstances may be”
As previously told NTAI is committed to strengthen Nursing profession.NTAI appreciate & welcome all the registered participants who are actively participating the series of webinar This webinar series will be live on youtube channel.

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