It is community spread and the situation is pretty bad says IMA

With 11 lac people getting affected by COVID-19, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) is of the view that community spread has started and the situation is pretty bad. Though in many corona positive cases the source of contact is unknown but No govt agency has accepted it as community spread so far.

Dr V K Monga, Chairman of IMA Hospital Board of India said, “This is now an exponential growth. Every day the number of cases is increasing by more than around 30,000. It crossed 40000 yesterday.

This is really a bad situation for the country. There are so many factors connected with it but overall this is now spreading to rural areas. This is a bad sign. It now shows a community spread.” According to the latest update by the Union Health Ministry, the total confirmed cases crossed 11 lac. The growth rate is 3.4 which is highest worldwide.

Though the recovery rate is also increasing day by day, but the rapid spread in community may intensify the situation.

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