A boy dies of cardiac arrest reading news paper

Indore: A 27 year boy dies of cardiac arrest all of sudden. He was reading news paper while he cough and fall down. He was declared death when taken to hospital. It is not the first case where a young die due to cardiac arrest. But it happened first time when a boy lost his life while reading news paper.

Harsh Bhadauria is 27 year old living in Navratna bag Indore. His Father Mahendra Bhadauria is TI at Mahu Police station. He was preparing for MPPSC. Harsh was reading news paper in drawing room when he coughed and fall down. Initially his family member took him to bed for rest. when the condition of boy was not stable his father was called and the boy was taken to hospital. He was declared death by doctors on reaching hospital.

Harsh is the only son of Mahendra Bhadauria. HIs another child his daughter is recently married to Gwalior.

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