Indore’s wonder boy wins PM National Child Award. Know more about the wonder boy…

Avi Sharma is just 12 year old and has won the Prime Minister’s National Child Award. He is a motivational speaker and a writer. In such a small age his flairs are attracting everyone.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Avi through video conferencing. During conversation, Avi answered PM’s questions in his simple tone and dazzled the PM. PM asked questions about the Balmukhi Ramayana written by Avi. His father Amit Sharma and mother Vinita Sharma said, “Avi is interested in literature and religion since a nascent age.”

While talking to Avi PM quoted that there is some specialty in the water of Madhya Pradesh that such children are born. Uma Bharti, who was Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, used to give lectures when she was very young. We also went to listen to her. She used to give fluent statements. She used to mention the scriptures accurately.

“She used to speak Sanskrit and used to sing chaupaiyan and she also had a childish look. I was very impressed. I felt that there is such power in Madhya Pradesh that such people are prepared in their childhood. Your age and your work prove that no age is too short to do great things. You’re not just for the kids, He is an inspiration to the whole society. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart, PM added.

Avi sharma is a wonder boy in true sense. He has written Balmukhi Ramayan in just age of 11 years. He wrote the book during the first lock down when the Ramayana was telecasted on Doordarshan. He has also developed a computer programme operated by human voice. It can understand many languages. He is an expert of vedic mathematics and taking classes for the same. 120 students are attending his classes and improving their mathematical skills.


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