Innovation in help; Distributing smile with food

Covid19 is a pandemic that is not only affecting physically  but mentally. During the disease morale support aling with proper medicine acts as a panacea. And here comes the act done by some youth in Gwalior. It looks like a fairy tell but believe it or not but it is as real as the rays of sun.

In Jay Arogya Hospital Gwalior and some other places you can see that few youth are distributing food to the kith and kins of covid19 patients. But what you find more surprising is the presence of cartoon characters Motu and Patlu with them. And this simple change fill the depressed and daunt people with the days of hope and positivity. This group of youth is distributing not only food but inspiring the society with this small innovation.

Career options after 12th
Career options after 12th

Hari Mohan a social worker  with his friends has always been commitee to help those who are in trouble. During this pandemic what he feels is that the family members of covid19 patients are unable to get two time meal due to corona curfew. So ge started distributing food out side of the hospitals. When he Finds these people depressed and desperate due to the pandemic, he got an idea to share smile on their face while distributing food. So he decided to use cartoon character Motu Patlu. And it really works. Motu Patlu talks to these family members and with covid patients on phone as well. It speeds positivity and help speedy convalescences in patients.

Help Hope Happen.

The Ingles Post appreciate the great noble deed of Hari Mohan and his friends.

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