Ambulance owners are more powerful then CM Shivraj

The overcharging by Ambulance during corona pandemic is obvious though there is no single FIR or action against any single Ambulance in Madhya Pradesh. It seems that “System” has kneel down before the Ambulance mafia.


In a recent press release on 7th May, CM Shivraj Singh admitted that Ambulance are overcharging he himself said, “Ambulance loot rahi hain.” Though State transport de parent has released an order couple of days ago to fix the Ambulance charges. The order was released after many news of overcharging where ambulance took up to 10 thousand to take patient to few kilometer.

The recently released order says, In urban area, ALS Ambulance shall charge Rs 500 for first 10km and Rs25 for each extra km run. And for rural area it’s Rs 800 for first 20km and Rs25 for each extra km run. For BLS the charges are Rs 250 for first 10km and Rs20 for each extra km run in urban area and Rs 500 for 20km and Rs 20 for each extra km run for rural area.

Career options after 12th
Career options after 12th

The order is applicable since it was released but still the overcharging is common. It seems that Ambulance owners have no fear of law of the state or CM Shivraj singh Chauhan. When Shivraj singh Chauhan by saying “Ambulance are overcharging ” admitted that he knows the fact though he is not taking any strict action against the malpractice. It shows that even he is underpower or helpless before the Ambulance Mafia.


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