Three Hospital license suspended, F.I.R. against one. Dirty Corona business is mushrooming yet

After a long wait, finally Gwalior administration came into action against the opportunist who were taking undue advantage of Corona crisis. License of three Hospitals suspended and F.I.R. against a doctor was lodged for malpractice.

License of Max care Hospital Jhansi Road, Lotus Hospital Hospital Raod and  Shraddha Hospital Motar were suspended. According to district administration these hospital were involved in malpractice. Patients’ families were forced to take Remdesivir any how, while there was no need of Remdesivir to the patient. Later these Remdesivir were sold to other patients at very high cost.

In another case of irregularity, Dr. Divya Rani a dentist was prescribing Remdesivir to patients. As per the guideline a dentist has no authority to prescribe Remdesivir. Dr. Divya was appointed as a dentist at Maa Shitla Hospital. District administration has lodged an FIR against her.

Career options after 12th
Career options after 12th

The malpractice and opportunism amid the crisis is still mushrooming . Many Hospitals have no facilities though they are admiting Covid patient. Such Covid hospitals were mushrooming under the nose of district administration and dormant CMHO Dr. Manish Sharma. Still many hospitals are treating vividh patients without following proper guidelines. Many hospitals don’t have qualified staff. As If CMHO is out of his dormant state , hope he will soon take action against other hospitals where malpractice is obvious.

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