Four arrested in sexual abuse case of more than 250 women through social media

The Crime Branch CID of the Tamil nadu police will appoint cyber forensic experts as part of the investigation into the Pollachi sexual abuse case. With new videos/photographs emerging from various sources, the agency will look beyond the facts and sections of the FIR in the case. Four accused have been arrested so far.

The issue has got political colour seeing the coming general election. Opposition alleged involvement of ruling Party AIADMK leaders. Even AIADMK has sacked them the accused from party .


According to sources in the CB-CID, investigators were perusing vital clues and analysing storage devices, including mobile phones, seized from the suspects. A pen drive was found during searches on the residence of K. Thirunavukkarasu, one of the accused arrested and remanded in the case.

Asked about two videos circulated in the social media that contained the suspects sexually harassing or physically abusing girls and some photographs, a senior police official said that the First Information Report (FIR) registered by the Pollachi town police was based on a complaint lodged by a college student.

“That case is relevant only to the complaint lodged by the girl. Our investigation will go beyond this FIR…efforts are on to identify the victims and motivate them to come out with the truth. Special teams are verifying every information that is coming from various sources,” the official said and added that the CB-CID could alter the Sections.

In the FIR the victim says she knew Thirunavukkarasu and N. Sabarirajan through a common friend. On February 12, shortly after noon Sabarirajan called her while she was in college and wanted to meet her. He asked her to immediately come to Oonjavelampatti bus stop. When she went there, Sabarirajan and Thirunavukkarasu were waiting in a car।

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“I sat along with Sabarirajan in the rear seat and as Thirunavukkarasu started the car, two others entered the car. They were introduced to me as Satish and Vasanthakumar. After some time, the car stopped near the gate of a mill.

Sabarirajan suddenly removed my upper garment and even before I could realise and resist, Satish took a video. They threatened that if I don’t cooperate, they would release the video in the internet…while two of them held my hands, Satish snatched my one sovereign gold chain,” the girl said and added that the suspects dropped her and left the scene. After the four threatened her often demanding money, the victim informed her family members on February 24, and they decided to lodge a complaint with the police।

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