Knowledge provided by the Indian Rishis and Munis are completely based on scientific method

Minister for Science and Technology Shri P.C. Sharma, while addressing the concluding programme of the 2 Day National Symposium organized on the subject’ Bhartiya Vangmay mein Vigyan evam Taknik’ said that zero and decimal is a gift to the World from the Indian Science. The symposium was organized under the joint aegis of Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology, Atal Bihari Hindi Vishwavidyalaya and Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi.

Minister Shri Sharma stated that knowledge provided by the Indian Rishis and Munis are completely based on scientific method. Whether tradition to drop coins in rivers for water purification or ritual of performing Pipal tree, which gives oxygen 24 hours, these kind of several examples prove scientific thinking of our culture. He further mentioned that whether this has not been invented in laboratories but the science is the only root of knowledge based on the constant penance and experiences of Rishis and Munis. Shri Sharma told to allot two rooms in the premises of Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology for conducting research on scientific facts present in the literature in Sanskrit language besides other languages. He mentioned that there was a saying that whoever has command over the Sanskrit language will have good knowledge of mathematics. Shri Sharma said that conclusions of the National Symposium will prove useful for the progress of the society.

The Vice Chancellor of the Atal Bihari Hindi Vishwavidyalya Prof. Ramdev Bhardwaj chaired the programme. The Director General of the Council Prof. Naveen Chandra, Chairman of the State Public Service Commission Prof. Bhaskar Choubey, Former Director General of the Archeological Survey of India Prof. Tiwari and Registrar of the Hindi Vishwavidyalaya Prof. Sunil Kumar Pare were also present on the occasion.

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