This village ban chinese products completely

Amid the mere protest on roads, a village has set an example of banning chinese products. Kondhawe-Dhawade, a village on the fringes of the city, became perhaps the first gram panchayat in the country to give a formal backing to the call for boycotting Chinese products, in the wake of the frontline strife at Galwan Valley in Ladakh.


“The village is known for its men serving in the Indian armed forces and has contributed wrestlers who’ve represented the country. In keeping with the sentiments of the villagers, we took this decision to weed out Chinese products from our daily lives,” said Nitin Dhawade, the village sarpanch.

The gram sabha passed a resolution banning the use of Chinese products in any project in its jurisdiction. It has actually made this a prerequisite for all tenders floated by it, specifying that contractors taking up civil work are prohibited from using products or machinery made in China. It also appealed to local shop owners, particularly those vending mobile phones, to avoid selling Chinese brands, giving preference to ‘desi’ products.


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