Guns to posters; changing political scenario of Chambal

Recently whatever has happened in the politics of chambal region is absolutely like eighth wonder. No political experts has claimed to foretell about any of the recently occurred incident. The most talked about turn was Jyotiraditya Scindhia’s joining of BJP leaving Congress.

In recent days what has become very common is, use of posters to express envy of grudge. Few congress leaders pasted posters of Scindia missing. Public in Gwalior east constituency pasted posters against Ex MLA Munna lal Goyal.

Scindhia’s this turn has become a reason of many other after events. Few leaders from both congress and BJP has dared to express their oppose or support. But many are still silent and what they are hiding behind that silent that can be another sensational turn in the politics of area.

There was a time when the area was infamous for Blood shaded politics. During election the gun fire was common. Only dominant rowdy candidate dared to fight election.  The leaders have learnt the peaceful way to express their envy. Or they have understand the power of words. A poster impacts more then a bullet. Poster war is not bad if decent language is used by the protesters. And that will come when bit more qualified people join politics. For public also poster war is more enjoyable while gun war was never. This poster war is a small step towards the clean non violent politics.

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