Why JAH super speciality Hospital not taking Corona patients

Gwalior: Recently built Super speciality hospital in JAH campus is the best option with all facilities at present. Corona positives can be treated well in this Hospital. But patients are sent to various other hospital due to various unreasonable reasons. It has 170 beds reserve for covid19 patients but at present only 17 patients are admitted.

At present there are 103 active covid19 patients in Gwalior. Out of these only 17 are admitted in Super speciality hospital. 35 other are admitted to Birla while 18 and 33 covid19 positives are taking treatment in poorly facilitated MPCT and Ayurvedic Hospital respectively.

Total 170 beds have been kept for covid19 patients in Super speciality Hospital but patients are not being admitted here. The is no strong ground behind not admitting patients here.

Super speciality hospital has comparatively better facilities those are needed in corona pandemic. The hospital has all modern facilities and life saving devices, though the pandemic is being mishandled.

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