No mask for 30 second in banks and jewellery shops

Bhopal:  Mask on face is must due to coronavirus pandemic, but if  you are visiting to a bank or a jewellery shop, You need to show your face removing mask for thirty seconds.

The new rule has been issued in Madhya Pradesh to identify those visiting banks and jewelry shops while the use of masks remains mandatory in public places. The state police have asked the visitors to remove the masks for 30 seconds so that they can be photographed by the CCTV cameras.

The only aim is to strengthen security at these places. “The possibility of thieves running away without being identified after robbing shops or banks cannot be ruled out even if these places have CCTV cameras,” reads an order signed by senior police officer Kailash Makwana.

The move of showing face on cctv for thirty second has been welcomed by the citizens as well. When the ingles post ask to citizens they respond positively saying it’s a necessary step to identify the anti social aliments.

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